The 9 metaphors of the body and neurons.

Le 9 metafore del corpo e i neuroni.

Neurons = Ants
Body = anthill

1) Neurons work together coordinating general tasks of the body, same as ants in an anthill.

2)There are specialized neurons, in the same way as there are ants specialized in different functions: “"collectors"” “ "sentries"”

3) Ants, like neurons, communicate in different ways: through electrical and chemical synapses. Ants through the different senses: vision, smell, etc.

Neurons like ants have daily connections between each other, “which develop neural circuits over time.”.

5) Neurons like ants are involved in biological laws concerning both the human body and the anthill.

6) Neurons operate for the right functionality of the body, like ants are doing in the anthill.

7)Human body and the anthill are complex systems subject to biophysical laws.

8) Both body and anthill, adapt to the environment and organize themselves in order to obtain resources allowing them to survive and develop.

9) Human body through motor neurons and the anthill through ants, get the energy they need to achieve their goals.


The 9 metaphors of the body and neurons.BIBLIOGRAPHY:

The dawn of emotions; Umberto Maturana.

An eternal bright garland; Douglas Hofstadter.


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