There is currently a worldwide movement of health professionals who are engaging in the testing of this substance for therapeutic purposes. The physiological mechanism is very simple: it is a gas, which is diluted in water and which consists of a chlorine molecule and two oxygen molecules. This gas, being smaller than the red blood cells, reaches the cells by crossing many membranes and acting as a disinfectant in needy tissues.
ClO2 is an oxygen transporter that counteracts the acidosis process’ in the cells (which leads to a disease stage of the same), eliminating toxins, viruses and other harmful elements.
It is a harmless substance, without side effects, moreover cheap and easy to find. Its discovery was the result of scientific research lasting more than 13 years, conducted by the biophysicist Andrea Skalcker who is currently working on its dissemination as a good for humanity.
Finally, this substance promotes biological homeostasis and, consequently, the proper functioning of the immune system of any organism.

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