1) Is it more lethal than a seasonal flue? NO.


Statistics has revealed how Covid19 has less lethality than a simple seasonal flue; it always depends on the possible past deseases and psychophysical wellness of individual.

Lethality stands for capacity to cause death or serious harm or damage.



2) Is this virus more infectious than a seasonal flue? YES.


Many epidemiologists around the world have criticised the restriction laws which, precluding healthy people from travelling, didn't allow developing group immunity, that is the capacity to develop those antibodies protecting us from the virus.

This natural process happened with thousands of virus during our evolutive story, as well as hereditary antibodies.

Infectivity stands for capacity of a microorganism to spread between a group of people, without causing any clinical case.



3) Is integral health significant for Covid19 prevention? Yes.


In addition to physical activity and balanced diet, should not forget the other dimensions that identify psychophysical wellness of human being, such as affective relationships and social engagement that happen through interaction with people, friends and family members, including connection with nature.

Integral health stands for a state of wellness composed by social and individual factors which represents the right of human potential expression and biological realization.


Based on these statements:


4) Are Governments around the world providing population with integral health? Unfortunately NO.


5) Would physical and sporting activity help in the relationship with Covid19? YES.


Physical activity stimulates the release of endorphin, a substance that has beneficial effects on the body, mood and psyche. It also contributes to a strong immune system, which represents the concrete possibility, in relation to any virus, that it is unable to generate diseases in the body. This happens, for example, in asymptomatic individuals, that is 95% of the world population.

By immune system we mean a biological system developed over the course of our evolutionary history that is responsible for the proper functioning of any organism, as well as identifying and eliminating those pathogens that could cause systemic imbalances.


6) Are politicians the right people to talk about this epidemic? NO.


Many politicians have no technical knowledge, neither practical nor theoretical, in the contexts of epidemiology but despite this they make decisions and disseminate information by exploiting fear, which affects the psychophysical balance of the population. In this situation, the virus represents an excellent pretext for imposing dictatorial, illogical and anti-scientific measures.

Per “persons indicated” we mean experts such as epidemiologists, virologists, microbiologists, psychologists, doctors and kinesiologists who can define the current state of things from a scientific point of view, however, linked to all dimensions of the human sphere.


7) Is social distancing really an effective preventive measure? NO and YES.


NO because from an epidemiological point of view the virus should be able to run its course in the healthy population to diminish its infectivity, thus protecting the risk group.

From the point of view of human nature, social distancing is not only unnatural and dangerous for integral health but compromises the affective well-being that develops thanks to proximity to other people.


YES, because from a political point of view these measures are justified in order to prevent the collapse of health systems which, certainly, has some’ of logic in the current situation, but which in reality hides the scenario of a political future that takes away freedom and social contact from the population. “From the group we come and towards the group we will go”.

Based on these statements:

8) Are Governments around the world providing population with integral health? Unfortunately NO.


9) Could the use of masks cause damage to the body? Yes.

There are researches that have shown how its indiscriminate use reduces the oxygen available in the body, thus making it difficult to expel carbon dioxide (CO2). Oxygen is the main source of life, it is an essential component for having a strong immune system. We consume it 24 hours a day for our whole life and in this epidemic situation it is vital to breathe oxygen freely without any kind of difficulty.

In addition, any virus that is inside a human organism or outside dies in contact with oxygen. This is why some schools have implemented "smart" security measures such as leaving the windows open.


10) Are the masks we all use really a reliable prevention element? NO


It must be said that some scientists say that they could be partial protection but in any case, when we talk about microorganisms, we must think of particles that are observable only through an optical microscope; covid is 0.1 micron in diameter and normal masks with a weave measuring 5.0 micron do not prevent virus transmission. It would be like “Install a gate to guard against mosquitoes” (cit. Stefano Montanari).



11) Could masks be a new symbol of psychological repression? YES

Like the Burka which shows the inequality between the sexes in Muslim countries, these elements interfere with oral communication, prohibiting the possibility of seeing the expression of faces in people, denaturalizing the human being. They are the new symbols of human fear and repression.


Based on these statements:

12) Are governments around the world working for the integral health of the population? Unfortunately NO.



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Authors: Josè De Laurentis, Giacomo Pezzo.





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