Despite the emergency situation occurred, we are having the chance to recognize the relevance of physical activity and to reconnect with our body through movement.

(Emotions and body feeling) Follow a straight progression considering your body abilities, increasing the exercises standards.

Find a quiet place to run your program, free from noises or other interferences.

We recommend look at the images carefully, zooming them in a wider screen if possible.

You can use the YouTube function to freeze the frame of the videos (this is a way to dedicate time to learning)

No excuses! Now your free time is long enough and you can exercises at home.

Immune system

Physical activity strengthens the immune system, especially during this period of quarantine.


The reduction of daily body energy consumption forces us to be more careful about excessive food intake.

Physical activity and mood

Physical activity is linked to the release “of "positive hormone"”, which has beneficial effects on body, brain and mood.

Workout sharing

Allows us to have that feeling of belonging to a team.

Planning training sessions

Custom a workout that fit your personal goal you want to achieve

Mobility (10 minutes)

Mobility exercises when wake up prepare us to daily activities.

Aerobic resistance (10 minutes)

Cardiovascular exercises after lunch, works as digestive and reduces fatigue in the long term.

Balance (10 minutes)

Core exercises improve both body and muscles balance, body awareness and posture.

Core (10 minutes)

Core exercises improve both body and muscles balance, body awareness and posture.

Bodyweight Strength (10 minutes)

Strength exercises maintain our muscle tone.


Stretching and relaxation techniques (10 minutes)

Stretching for more than 20 seconds lowers the overall tension of the body, improving flexibility and allowing a better rest time.


We hope that our effort to disseminate this training program can be a small contribution to the global crisis.

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Our goal is to reach as many people as possible in order to broadcast physical activity and other disciplines related to sports science and health

We strongly believe in physical education as a powerful tool for social development and we will do our best to make it easily accessible to everyone.


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