An approach to Global system activation

Una aproximación a global system activación

An Approach to Global System Activation

Contemporary philosophy and cognitive psychology are currently studying a really interesting human phenomenon; its name is not important, its characteristics are; each human being knows, chooses, observes (consciously and unconsciously) and therefore will encounter things or events that are consistent with and consistent with their most intimate interior, the matrix of their values ​​and beliefs, their world and internal conversations. verify this psychological phenomenon after choosing and taking the Global System Activation course. I perfectly suspected what I was going to find, however what I could not measure, what I could not glimpse has been the scope of his teaching; multiplication in his art, its centrifugal and multiplying effect, its rigorous excellence.
Javier capitaine or "El Capi" for whom we are already fond of; is the one who carries out this online course.
"El Capi”, the most scientific of the philosophers, or the most philosopher of the movement scientists has motivated and inspired generations and generations from coherence; He has always moved, he has always trained, he has always researched and taught the movement. But "El Capi", despite having a mental library, literally knows that he does not know anything; but not only does he know that he knows nothing, he also suspects the infinite magnitude of what he knows of not knowing; of what he ignores in this universe; he would want to know and create more; He humbly knows that he knows almost nothing, and this makes him too human.
Global Systems Activation is a system created by Javier Capitaine and branched by the study team, is a very peculiar system of conceiving teaching movement, and application training.
This system can fail at any time, but its failure is intentional, it is a humanist fails; In fact it has been raised in the course “No system can be above a human being. "

With obsessively rigorous mathematical system is truly avant-garde:
With the neuroscientific study of emotions and communication; with the theory of chaos, fractals and complex systems, the macrobiotic diet and its oriental philosophy; The Art of War; biological self-organization, autopoiesis and the Maturana Game; the Soviet influence in training; the study of myofascial chains and biotensegrity, and with western technique, El capi teaches us that oriental culture has been one of the great pioneers in the understanding of the organism and movement, whose study has been central to guide homeostasis biological, that is, for the balance of its functions.

Global system activation commitment to this branch of teaching that technology provides us "interactive online courses." His students are from many parts of the world; we are all in space, hours and different seasons; yet all committed ourselves to interact in some time, and place of dialogue, we have all the nobility and intelligence to learn from someone who knows more, who has had better experiences and many mistakes.

Global System Activation defends the teaching of Schopenhauer as an educator;
Is an educator who makes doubt his students about the system of coherences underlying a practice, or a choice of content. Is an educator who creates a nurturing environment for the assimilation of content; who awakens an infinite curiosity in his students; who he conceives learning as a revolt against the dominant forms in the art of living and dying; is an educator who shows the beginning of the road.
Thanks Javier Capitaine and Global System Activation for showing me the beginning of the road.

Author: José De Laurentis.



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