Novembre 3, 2020
Le 12 verità Scientifiche del Covid19.

The 12 Scientific Truths of Covid19.

1) Do you have more LETHALITIES than a seasonal flu? NO. Statistical data define Covid19 as a virus with less lethality than a seasonal flu; it still depends […]
Luglio 9, 2020
Le 9 metafore del corpo e i neuroni.

The 9 metaphors of the body and neurons.

Neurons = Ants Body = Anthill 1) Neurons work together to coordinate the general tasks of the body, like ants in an anthill. 2) […]
Novembre 26, 2019
Giornata di salute integrale

Integral Health Day

As already established by the time we participated in the conference organized by the Omnia Group in the comfortable facilities of the Bernstein Center. During this conference several […]
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