Marzo 15, 2021
Honoris causa, Andreas Kalcker

Honoris causa, Andreas Kalcker

We want to share the success of the German biophysicist Andreas Kalcker, who was awarded the title “honoris causa” from the University of Medicine of Mexico City in […]
Dicembre 22, 2020
Corso in Training Mio fasciale.(DMSA)

Course in My Fascial Training. (DMSA)

📌 Course: Dear members, colleagues and colleagues, we invite all those who wish to know more on the subject “My Fascial Training” to the new and innovative branded course […]
Dicembre 22, 2020
Corso in Training Mio fasciale.(DMSA)

Distance learning and the new Neuromove online courses

  The restrictions imposed by the Sars-Cov-2 emergency have led coaches, instructors and other figures in the field of teaching to adapt to distance learning, facing the many difficulties […]
Settembre 30, 2020

Schools project

  Precisely because 'the nature of movement is in itself' cognition, and precisely because 'the natural process that makes us human:' teaching, interpretation and learning’ […]
Settembre 11, 2020
Collaborazione con il centro Bernstein

Collaboration with the Bernstein Center

We are pleased to announce our next collaboration with the prestigious and renowned Bernstein center in Verona. Our representative in Italy, Josè De Laurentis, will propose […]
Maggio 1, 2020
Collaborazione con la Confederazione Italiana kendo

Collaboration with the Italian Kendo Confederation

At the start of an interesting collaboration with the Italian Kendo Confederation, Neuromove presents a program entitled “Kendo in our day” made for the purpose of allowing […]
Aprile 9, 2020
Neuromove entra in campo nella pallavolo

Neuromove entered the game in volleyball

Our student and external collaborator from Cordoba Yanina De Laurentis, has completed the course of provincial volleyball coach obtaining certification for this qualification. […]
Marzo 28, 2020
La psicologia che ci fa riflettere sul Coronavirus.

The psychology that makes us reflect on the Coronavirus.

How much truth! #coronavirus "I believe that the cosmos has its way of balancing things and its laws, when they are distorted. The moment […]
Gennaio 16, 2020
Un altro grande successo per Neuromove

Another great success for Neuromove

In last weekend Piece James, a member of our team, it won the 3rd place in the international tournament of Kendo “Nakane Cup”Held in Thailand […]
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